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Mission Statement

Our Mission: Commitment to Patient Care

Dental office located in Mason Ohio is firmly believe in 'Holistic Dentistry.' You may have heard this term before, and perhaps seen it identified with alternative medicine. If such is the case, please don't be alarmed.

Our approach focuses on each patient's unique dental health status, considered within the context of their complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Basic to holistic dentistry is the idea that good health is more than simply the absence of disease.

As the term suggests, the 'holistic' method regards dental health as a single component of a patient's overall life condition. This does not mean that dental care is subordinate to other considerations of patient health. Rather, your teeth are regarded as an essential component of the structures and systems that comprise the human body, necessary for its healthy function.

Thus Dental care is considered as important as most other major bodily systems to patient's health. Attention is directed not only to the teeth, but to the mind, sprit and other systems affecting bodily functioning. The objective is to engender a therapeutic restoration of the patient's well being.

Or, put more simply, we provide dental care as it relates to the entire person, as a distinct, unique individual with an equally distinct set of life circumstances affecting your total, as well as dental, health.

Moreover, by promoting health and wellness rater than focusing on treating disease, holistic dentistry actually expands the range of services offered. This may be because the holistic approach employed by Dr. Midha uses the latest dental technology and practices in conjunction with long-standing global traditions of natural health and healing.

The emphasis on natural health is largely responsibility of our preventative orientation, helping patients stop oral health problems from occurring by instilling exemplary home dental care habits. In the Doctor's view, providing patients with information appropriate to practicing their own preventative dentistry at home is an essential part of the compact she generates and enjoys with her patients and staff.


Meeting Patient Expectations

Dental office located in mason Ohio is committed to holistic philosophy intends to preserve and improve overall bodily performance in addition to assuring better oral health.

In addition, such common procedures as root canals are enacted with exceptional skill and care to ensure the patient's systemic health is not endangered by the spread of dental bacteria throughout the body. To the furthest extent possible, non-surgical methods of treating gum disease are also provided, as a further safeguard of patient health.

Perhaps more to the point, patients can expect the Doctor and her staff will provide them the most relevant information about the nature and extent of their condition. The objective is to generate an exchange of therapeutic procedures promoting better dental health, based on prevention as much as treatment. In this way, patients become 'partners' in the dental health paradigm, supporting the holistic belief in the patient's ability to heal her- or himself.

We accomplishes this by combining the most contemporary of dental care ideas and technology with a firm basis of traditional natural-care knowledge, stemming from her own professional experiences and ongoing study. Moreover, she welcomes patient input into the process, and is always willing to discuss oral health strategies that improve patient decision-making AND her relationship with her clients. In this way, patient expectations respond to the holistic emphasis on informational as well as spiritual, emotional and physical support.

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